AJ’s team of experienced tooling and automation engineers are there to deliver outstanding results for our clients. At AJ our team of engineers work with you to find a solution that will work for you – including options to automate the production process. Working together with your team, fulfilling your requirements, we will develop a total solution which will be designed to save you money over the lifetime of the project while also minimising risk to your supply.

We have found that the benefits of this collaborative approach are significant including:

  • Reliable tools that will consistently produce several million shots
  • Lowest component price from low cycles and integrated automated solutions
  • Reduced tool requirements from higher outputs per tools
  • Better quality with absolute part to part consistency within multi-cavity tools
  • Consistency from tool with shot to shot consistency and stable CP/CPK performance

By working with AJ we can offer you our expertise in selecting a tooling strategy that works for you, provide dedicated DFM support to your product design team as well as helping you identify and develop automation solutions specific to your production needs.

It took only 5 weeks from mould order to delivery of 500 first off samples which worked perfectly first time

Paul Donegan-Client

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