With almost 40 years’ experience, AJ provides world-class manufacturing and related services in product tooling, project management, post-moulding operations and supply chain management. Injection moulding services we provide include multi-cavity, twin shot, over moulding, insert moulding and in-mould labelling and decoration. Post-mould services include pad, laser and hot foil printing, potting as well as manual and automated assembly operations. Today we serve clients in all major territories worldwide and are recognised as a leader in the manufacture and validation of precision injection moulded component solutions.

Why Choose AJ?

Precision Injection Moulding

AJ is a long established global manufacturer of precision injection moulded and assembled components for the medical, automotive and industrial sectors.

Dedicated and Complete Service Offering

AJ & Synecco are a fully integrated service provider and offers our clients a full range of services including Design & Development, Project Management, Precision injection moulding, Post moulding services, Product validation, Supply Chain Management. We are completely dedicated to serving our customer’s needs and are a trusted manufacturing partner of choice to leading companies in the medical device, pharma and automotive sectors.

Expertise and Experience

AJ has world-class expertise in precision injection moulding and project management from tool build through to the finished part approval. Our experienced staff include polymer, tooling, process, validation and automation engineers. We also have extensive experience and expertise in injection moulding and mould flow analysis.

Competitive Pricing

Our teams of designers, engineers and sourcing specialists help our clients achieve their goals of getting their products designed, developed and manufactured to the shortest possible time to market at the lowest possible cost.

Highest Quality Standards

Through our ‘continuous improvement’ approach, we are continually looking to improve our quality management systems to meet and exceed our client’s quality expectations. AJ is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and is accredited by the NSAI.

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Expert Advice

We provide innovative and environmentally sound advice based on over 35 years of experience. Let us, help you.

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Injection Moulding Services

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