Assembly is carried out on the main production floor as well as in our cleanroom unit. If annual volumes allows, we will look at automating the assembly to reduce the cost for our customers.

At AJ we undertake various levels of assembly for our clients. We examine each of our customers’ requirements and offer the best possible solution to suit their needs. This can involve simple assembly such as the assembly of two plastic components, to more complex assemblies such as a complete product assembly which is ready to ship to the consumer.


  • Less handling of the product
  • Storage space reduced
  • Fully packaged product for market delivery


  • Low volume syringes
  • Light Pipes into Housings
  • Threaded Inserts into components
  • Battery Contacts into Camera Housing
  • Bird Viewer assembly


  • Medtech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive

It took only 5 weeks from mould order to delivery of 500 first off samples which worked perfectly first time

Paul Donegan-Client

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